Title I Program

Title I, Section 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) requires that each school receiving Title I, Part A funds develop jointly with, agree with, and distribute to parents of participating children a written parental involvement policy.

ICAGeorgia is committed to cultivating and sustaining partnerships with parents and community stakeholders, and encourages their participation in the development, implementation, review and evaluation of its parental involvement policy/plan. This written policy/plan focuses on improving academic achievement and school performance and outlines how the LEA will coordinate, provide technical assistance and other support in planning and implementing effective parental involvement activities, training, and workshops. The LEA, school, parents, and community stakeholders will jointly develop and agree on the Parental Involvement Policy/Plan which will describe the means for carrying out Title I, Part A requirements.

School-Parent Compact

ICAGeorgia shares responsibilities for high student academic achievement with all parents and students enrolled in the school system and develops, in collaboration with parents and students, a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, school staff, and students shares the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. The school-parent-student compact also describes the means by which the school, parents, and students will build and develop a partnership to ensure student mastery of the GaDOE’s high academic content standards.  All Title I schools are required to have school-parent compacts.  This Compact was designed to serve as a tool to demonstrate the cooperation among school, parents, and students towards building a successful partnership to help ensure children are participating in a safe, nurturing and challenging academic environment. The goal is that all students achieve benchmarks related to Georgia State Standards and the Ministry of Education.

Family Engagement

ICAGeorgia facilitates a minimum of two individual meetings for parents at various dates (days) and times in order to ensure that they have an opportunity to review and give input into the Family Engagement Policy as well as the School-Parent Compact. In addition, the school invites parents to the annual Comprehensive Improvement Planning (CLIP) meetings where parents are asked for input in the Family Engagement Policy, School Parent Compact, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, and School Improvement plans.

Annual Title I Meeting

All Title I schools are required to hold an annual meeting at the beginning of the school year, before November 1st.  Meetings are publicized via invitations sent to parents, e-mails, the website, social media, parent portal, and flyers posted.

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