Instructional Methods

Research shows that high quality instruction is the most important part of student success. At ICAGeorgia, we define “high quality” as a set of foundational skills called “Back To The Basics.” Back To The Basics is the idea that teachers will inevitably improve student outcomes once they are able to draft standard based learning objectives and opportunities, interpret and lead data talks, draft high quality assessments, organize and facilitate flexible groups, leverage technology and most of all—have a growth mindset. We believe that teachers who have these qualities will be able to design curriculum and deliver instruction that will meet individual students’ needs.

Our Methods


These include heterogeneous groupings; pattern language; predictable books; TPR (Total Physical Response) and storytelling; print-rich environments; paired reading strategies; bilingual anchor charts; preview/review; and a choice of literature that is translated in both languages as often as possible. In creating a daily lesson plan, each teacher lists several learning objectives, as well as differentiated in-class activities and homework. These teaching strategies are introduced in the teacher orientation and will continue throughout the school year bi-weekly during “professional development Fridays.”

We carefully implement the above strategies for promoting academic achievement through our Dual Language Immersion program using many years of research. Thus, students’ metalinguistic awareness and higher-order thinking skills, such as metacognition, are better developed across languages as students “use what they know in one language as a resource for acquiring and refining their proficiency in the partner language” (Kennedy, Two-Way SIOP: Strategies for Promoting Academic Achievement in Two Languages, 2014).

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