Middle School

Grade 6 opens for SY2024-2025
Grade 7 opens for SY2025-2026
Grade 8 opens for SY2026-2027

Welcome to the International Charter Academy of Georgia Middle School

At ICAGeorgia, we offer a unique and enriching educational experience with our tuition-free state charter school, providing Georgia’s only Japanese and English dual language program. We are dedicated to nurturing academic excellence and strong character in a vibrant and diverse community. ICAGeorgia is your high-quality choice for middle school education in our community.

Curriculum Highlights

Courses Offered:

Computer Science
Physical Education (PE)

Exciting Extracurricular Activities:

Middle school sports (details to be announced in Term 1)


Engaging Course Descriptions

Our art course introduces students to a variety of artistic styles and the history of art and design. Students will explore drawing and painting with different materials and experience traditional Japanese art forms, including origami, calligraphy (sumi-e), and Ukiyo-e.


In our Chorus class, students will develop musical maturity and comprehensive musical abilities. They will learn advanced music theory, enhance their performance techniques, and gain an understanding of music history and culture, all while engaging in self-expression and creative activities.


Computer Science:
This course covers technology and programming, tailored to students’ interests. They will learn to use technology for exploration, programming, creation, investigation, and problem-solving, preparing them for the digital age.


Students will immerse themselves in the language and culture of Japan, exploring its literature, geography, history, government, weather and climate, customs and traditions, pop culture, technology, and global challenges. This course offers a rich understanding of Japan’s cultural heritage.


Our PE/Health program encourages students to participate in various sports to improve their skills while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The program emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, personal growth, dedication, and having fun in sports.


Join us at ICAGeorgia, where education goes beyond the classroom to inspire a love of learning and community spirit.

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